Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová

„I wanted to experience a different life, outside my bubble, outside my comfort zone, and to study, I extremely enjoyed.“

Veronika Cifrová Ostrihoňová you can know, as editor TV Markíza, moderator Sitdownstories or her voice you can hear the Europe 2 Every Saturday in a show called Small talk. But mainly you should know it, as a woman, which is amazing general overview, sober views and looks superbly.

Lover is different sports, but also very Board travels and recognizes the different interesting landscape, What I personally very interested to learn more about the places traveled or traveler's dreams.

We know about you, that he studied in New York as we Maturantky bilingual secondary school board would we asked you, what to lead and if he was not afraid to study so far from home? Were you satisfied?

one world observatory
New York
  • I get this question often relatively, but I am never fear, and yet completely I understand of what he'd actually be able.
  • I wanted experience a different life, outside my bubble, outside my comfort zone, and the study I was extremely looking forward. It hurts wonderful, challenging four years, and considers it one of its best decision.

How to Evaluate New York? It really city, that never sleeps?

St. Regis, New York
  • I love New York. To,, that never sleeps is quite cliche, but the fact is, it is very dynamic, noisy, active, temperamentný. Me but meeting.
  • I do not think so, that it is the most beautiful city in the world, not the most pleasant to live ,but I will have it forever board completely different than all the other, because I spent there beautiful part of my life.

You worked as an editor at TV Markíza, but in addition, modernly and quality project as a Sitdownstories do you do interviews with interesting people on the radio Europa2. How can you prosecute all?

  • sometimes difficult, sometimes easier. the fact is, I had to adaptable work on TV, me to pursue, full-time employees, I would not keep it.
  • Generally, I'm a man, which is like active, and loves, when the full day. But that does not mean, of course,, that I do not enjoy the more, when then again sometimes I all day goofing off!

We follow a regular vlogs your husband, where we already love you too, and we started to take even your new Youtube Channel Very Veri. What got you to lead? You agree with the statement, that our social networks take more than give?

  • Social networking is for me as with everything in life. It's exactly, making it you do. If you can afford to come to a point, when you each lajk a comment decide on the mood of the day, and look at the pretty pictures of happy people you interested fits existential crisis, here you go. You can have it for himself but, not for social networking.
  • For me it is pleasant, communication and marketing-channel-inspiring, or Instagram, or YouTube. There's a huge content quality content, same as the amount of nonsense, that eat time. It is up to each, if he wants to watch the filtered images ladies in bikini with coconut in hand, motivational cliché quote, marked hashtagom #lovemylife, or watch dailies, world figures, healthy recipes, and tips for new exercises. For me it clear selection.

For some time we are watching you on Instagram and also with your husband and we noticed, You are very happy traveling. Recognize each new country and also returning to the same place?

Hong Kong
  • We are traveling to, as out of time and options allow.
  • Regularly we are returning to the west coast USA, do NYC a do Paris, because we have these places other than the classic tourist relationship.

In which country do you like best so far and why?

Pont de l'Alma
  • I can not respond to it. I like France, I like USA, but probably because, because I know more informed judge, since I spent longer there, nedovolenkový time.
  • How to live in Hong Kongu or Thailand I do not know. There is much.

Do you have any traveler's dream, What you have not yet met, if you fill them gradually?

  • The Council would like to see the Northern Lights, Island, safari a South Africa. perhaps once!

Are we really Ayurvédsky stay, What graduated even 2x SriLanka. What is it you like best and meet your expectations Srílanka?

Sri Lanka
  • I liked it, it was the biggest Recreation, I have ever experienced. Sri Lanka What not to meet my expectations, because I did not expect anything, stay was about getting to know the country.
  • They were two weeks of work on myself, undisturbed by external influences, which for me it is very rare.

What country in the near future plans to visit?

  • In February, flying into Brussels, but labor. I do not have other plans.

We can expect some videos on your channel, with regard to this topic – traveling?

  • I do not know the answer to, maybe yes. While I did not intend to intensively about it.

I would like to finally thank you very much for Veronike interview. He replied to all questions and approached it to us traveler's dreams, but also to view social networks. We look forward to more videos on your Youtube channel, as well as posts from your varied Instagram.

We keep good luck in the future may continue to thy beliefs and lifestyles inspiring for other people !

Thank you for reading, and yet ... LIVE THE ADVENTURE!
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