Rome – the capital of Italy

Rome is a beautiful Italian metropolis, which is suitable for a visit during all seasons. We visited her in February, during which it was unreal 20 degrees, while it was snowing in our country. This historic city, it is full of greenery and most of the time it is made more pleasant by the sun's rays. There are an incredible number of monuments here and I definitely recommend at least here 3 days, so that you can visit the most famous ones. The city is full of tourists all year round, so it is definitely necessary to count on larger councils and crowds of people, well it's really worth it.

Top 5 monuments, which you cannot miss:

1.  Colosseo (Colosseum) is the dominant feature of Rome, which he must visit every. It originally served as an amphitheater. Gladiator fights or various fights took place here games. At present, only they have survived 2/3 of the original building, taking his the damage was caused by earthquakes and theft of material.

Right next to the Colosseum find vast ruins Roman Forum a Palatine Hill. Both include tickets for the Colosseum (adult 12 €, EU citizens to 26 years € 7.50). 

2.  Trevi Fountain - is one of the most visited monuments in Rome and also one of the most beautiful fountains of the world. They say, that if you throw a coin into the fountain, so to Rome yet you will return in the future.

3. Vatican – is the smallest independent state in the world with a population of less than 1000 people. The official languages ​​here are Italian and Latin. Pedestrians get here over the oldest bridge he has survived - Ponte Sant Angelo. At the end of the bridge is Castel Sant Angelo (roost), which currently serves as a museum.

4. Pantheon - Nevertheless, that is built over 2000 years is the largest concrete house without reinforcement in the world. Visit this amazing The building is definitely worth it and a big plus is it, that admission is free. They find there are tombs of important Italian personalities such as Victor Emmanuel II.

5. Spanish steps – were a popular meeting place for the Romans. These are ordinary historical stairs, but during fashion shows there is a rich floral decoration.

The easiest transport in this city is definitely the metro. The airport is a little further, but the bus leaves, laying down to 5 eur you get immediately to the city center. I highly recommend wandering as different as possible alleys, if you have nice weather, because on the way to the monuments by accident you will encounter many amazing photogenic places.

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