Milan- City of Fashion

Hi all čítajúcich!

Today you breakdown on our last trip to magic Milan, that we have taken recently over spring break 🙂

Italian metropolis is not only city ​​fashion, but is also renowned city full artists and breathtaking architecture.
Inherent part of the day ukecaných a stylishly dressed residents is pokecání with friends at croassante and coffee. This combination is possible to enjoy every morning almost every street corner unbelievable 1,50€!

These are, in my opinion places, which ones you can not miss at your next visit to the city:


The Italian is called Milan Cathedral. It is the most famous place of Milan.

It is not only a tourist attraction, at this point is still worship. It is the fifth largest church in the world and the largest Gothic
construction Italy. Except for
Cathedral tour, that stands 3,50€ I would recommended to purchase the ticket terrace. The terrace overlooks the entire city ​​and I personally recommend you visit this place before sunset, which guarantee you a wonderful view of the city. It is possible to go up elevator for 13,50€ or walk up the stairs for 9,50€.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

It located well as the Duomo Square Piazza del Duomo. it is decorated 8 mozaikami, representing the continents of Europe, Africa, America and Asia. They also symbolize the Italian cities of Rome, Of Florence and Milan itself and not least four fields of human endeavor- art, veda, Economy and Industry. There are several passages in full
luxury shops, cafes and restaurants.

Gallery will also get to know námestie Piazza della Scala, where it stands the largest and most famous Italian divadlo La Scala. At first glance you may seem quite ordinary building, but as soon as you enter inside the theater space
take your breath away. If you would like to go to a show, Tickets can be purchased online course, but you can count with prices in the tens to hundreds of euros.

Kostol Santa Maria Thanks

Part of the Renaissance temple is also Dominican Monastery. In the convent dining hall is located work, which makes many visitors come here and ticket you have to buy a few weeks ahead. We unfortunately did not get inside, because it was a very spontaneous trip. The great Leonardo da Vinci, who worked in Milan for almost thirty years, is precisely that end of the 15. century painted by famous last supper. The church is thanks to him entered into the UNESCO World Heritage UNESCO.

Sforzesco castle

Castle once served as the seat of the Milan family Sforzaovcov, which is how the name originated. Today you will find several museums, huge courtyard and beautiful gardens. There is a possibility to see the most important work- Michelangelova socha Pieta Rondanini, where he worked until his death. Entry is free and straight from here to the direction of travel Parku Sempione, where it is built and peace Arch. Locals tend to go here after work on a picnic with friends and families and is a great choice for relaxation after a busy day in the city.

Canal Naviglio Grande

Naviglio Grande in the past was used for transporting goods, Today it is a tourist attraction. It is almost an hour away from the city center but the subway you are there to 15 minutes. It's amazing, that in this part of town you can feel like in Venice.
Shopping zone

Milan is the world dubbed as the city of fashion, whether you're the geeks, or not, you have to go through these streets. Zone Quadrilatero d'Oro is one of the main sites, where they are established luxury boutiques world-famous designers. The zone consists of four streetVia Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga a Corso Venezia. For someone, Who is interested to buy luxury clothing and jewelry, it can at least be a charming stroll through the streets. On his coming to lovers of photography, streets lined with interesting buildings and certainly there is what to take pictures!

Here you have a few more of my love, me to visit the city slightly simplified:

  • Tickets to historic buildings and museums can always be found at outlets, which are mostly near to attractions. Never niesu inside and therefore need to shop around a bit, but I do not think, that would be a problem in their search.
  • If you go to Milan with the intention to go through the whole city, Take advantage of the metro. Travel is simple and clear. There are built in Milan four linesM1 (red), M2 (green), M3 (yellow) a M5 (purple). On day trips I recommend buy day ticket. It is best as well as purchase two days, which is worth more.
  • I do not recommend seek accommodation in the center, because the city is very noisy and also you at all worth the financial aspects. Even if you find apartment an hour away from the city, so everywhere the metro a for 10 minutes you are in.
  • The city is famous for the best saffron risotto in the world, making it the same as other pasta and pizza do not forget to indulge!

Certainly I recommend a visit to this city! It is full of history, art and commerce, and certainly can not miss in your MAPK traveled places 🙂

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