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In the city itself Amster(Damn) lives 800 000 people 700 000 Rent, although some sources say, that there more bicycles than people. City built on grachtách It is well known for legalizovanej marijuana, flourishing prostitution (Red Light District is surprisingly the safest part of town) a artists, who here during their lives consisted.

The hierarchy of the city sounds: the first is cyclist, then tram, auto and up to the last place is walker.

I would like to introduce you to Amsterdam from another site, What is worth seeing and what is good to know prior to the departure to the city.

  • CITY BIKE: Footpaths and roads are typical for other cities in the world and in any city they find more than metropole Netherlands. That they are adapted to the local roads. Several times I happened, that even when I was in transition I had to, as quickly as possible to dodge when he went cyclist. Ride there really such fools and they are not interested at all pedestrians. Of course I recommend you when you visit Amsterdam, rent a bike, you will see the city from a completely different perspective. Bike rental price is around: 8€ / day
  • waterway: "Venice of the North", this city is interwoven with more than a hundred kilometers of channels, over which leads some 1500 bridges. The three main, Herengracht, Keizersgracht a Prinsengracht They were built as early as 17. century and are part of the World Heritage UNESCO. They are subject to numerous known paintings and cruising these waterways is one of the unforgettable aesthetic experience. I recommend going on a boat trip (Canal Cruise) especially in the evening, you will see the city from a different perspective. The cruise lasts an hour and learn new information about this magical town.
  • MUSEUMS: Although Amsterdam is a city mostly rebellious nature has, which offer both culturally. I would like you wrote some tips for museums, which are worth seeing and are located on the square Museumplein
  • 1, Van Gogh Museum – This museum contains the largest collection of the eponymous painter. You will find more than 200 paintings by Vincent van Gogh from all periods and 400 drawings. admission is 19 €
  • 2, Anne Frank House – In this house to breathe the atmosphere of that time. Quotes from her diary, photo, historical documents, Motion pictures or other objects from that time show the true story, that took place. There you can see Anne's original diary, that happened in book form the world's best-seller.
    entrance fee : Adults: €7,50
    Children 10-17 : € 3,50

third Museum, which I have presented is not on the above-mentioned square where are the previous two, but I think, that in it sufficiently entertain

  • 3, Museum of sex„Venusian temple“ It is the first and also the oldest museum in the sexual history. We visited him personally and I can tell you, it's a museum, that you should visit once in your life and it will be sufficient enough, but it certainly pays off! admission is 5 €
  • NIGHT LIFE: attracts visitors not only because, that tolerates the sale and the use of soft drugs, but also rich night life. The city operates more than two thousand businesses, clubs and bars, have become the foundation of the economy night Amsterdam. Bored in this city certainly not even at night!

Finally, I would like to say, that this city is definitely worth a visit. Can offer a lot not only from history, but also, in terms of entertainment in the city and with it associated nightlife.

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